Turkish Coffee cups | Wave Blue | Selamlique | Set of 4

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Discover a world of beauty and elegance with this Selamlique Turkish Coffee Cups in blue and white chevron patterned porcelain.

Each Selamlique Turkish Coffee Cup is a refined creation that masterfully unites tradition and modernity. Their exquisite design is a feast for the eyes, irresistibly drawing the attention of connoisseurs.

The chevron pattern adds a touch of sophistication to each cup. This angular geometric motif creates a visual dynamic that evokes a sense of movement and energy. The white handles, delicately trimmed in gold, provide an elegant contrast and further enhance the visual appeal.

The matching monochrome royal blue saucers complement the set harmoniously, creating a cohesive and irresistible aesthetic. Every detail has been carefully crafted to provide you with an unforgettable visual experience.

These Selamlique Turkish Coffee Cups, decorated with dynamic blue and white patterns, are presented in a round box, adding an extra touch of allure to this set. Whether you want to enhance your moments of relaxation or impress your guests, these Turkish coffee cups are the ultimate choice.


  • Height: 5.5cm
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Diameter of saucer: approx. 12 cm

Selamlique porcelain is hand decorated.

  • Taking care for your Selamlique porcelain: Turkish Coffee Cups and saucers should be hand-washed to preserve their beauty and delicacy.
  • Maintaining heat is essential for the ceremonial tasting of Turkish coffee, which is why Turkish coffee cups are small and made of denser porcelain.
  • With this set of Turkish Coffee Cups and Selamlique Turkish Coffees, you can create your own tasting ritual and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this centuries-old beverage.
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