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Experience Selamlique Turkish Coffee, a true indulgence that combines the smoothness of Turkish coffee with the unique flavour of mastic. Immerse yourself in an incomparable taste experience with this subtle blend that will delight your taste buds.

Turkish Coffee with Mastic takes you to the shores of the Aegean sea, offering you the authentic taste of a coffee typical of the region.

  • Let yourself be captivated by the aromatic notes characterized by balanced acidity, velvety body and a delicate aroma of mastic.
  • Turkish coffee with mastic is a perfect complement to milky desserts and cakes, making it the ideal companion for your indulgent moments.

Mastic, a resin from the mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia) or Çeşme mastic tree (from the Turkish town on the Aegean coast), adds a touch of history and a unique flavour to this coffee. Once a luxury product exported from Constantinople during the Byzantine era, mastic is being rediscovered by modern top chefs for its therapeutic properties and exquisite taste.

Selamlique Turkish Coffee with Mastic is presented in a 125g metal tin, ready to offer you an unforgettable tasting experience.

  • Ingredients: Ground Turkish Coffee and mastic (2.3%)
  • Type: Arabica
  • Caffeine content: 1.2 %
  • Pairing notes: Best paired with milk based desserts and cookies.
  • Roast: Medium Roasted
  • Roasting method: Traditional fine Turkish coffee grind obtained using stone grinding mill.
  • Processing method: Sun-dried
  • Grind: Fine
  • Country / Region: Brazil / Rio Minas

Store in a cool and dry place

Made in Türkiye

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