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Indulge in Selamlique decaffeinated Turkish coffee and be enchanted by its rich taste and deep aromatic profile, without the caffeine. An appealing experience for coffee enthusiasts who want to enjoy a moment of pure pleasure, caffeine-free.

Explore the unique taste of Selamlique's decaffeinated Turkish coffee, offering the authentic flavor of traditional Turkish coffee without the caffeine.

  • Dive into a captivating sensory experience with this full-bodied coffee that surprises with its deep cocoa notes, while also allowing you to enjoy restful sleep.
  • Be enticed by balanced aromatic notes, with a light acidity and a well-rounded smoothness. Its medium intensity aroma gently envelops you, creating a creamy experience on the palate.
  • This decaffeinated Turkish coffee is perfect for enjoying after dinner, to end the day beautifully and relax.

The decaffeination process for this Turkish coffee is carried out exclusively with water, preserving its natural taste and aromas.

Selamlique's decaffeinated Turkish coffee is presented in a 125g metal tin, ready to offer you a flavourful and caffeine-free experience.

True to the centuries-old culture of Turkish coffee, Selamlique elevates this beverage to an unparalleled level of excellence. The unique taste of authentic Turkish coffee is achieved by using carefully roasted and finely ground Arabica beans to create a creamy blend of this timeless classic.

Made in Turkey, Selamlique decaffeinated Turkish coffee is carefully prepared from 100% Arabica coffee beans, with a decaffeination process that uses only water. Traditional roasting in stone mills gives Turkish Decaffeinated Coffee an authentic and refined flavour.

  • Ingredients: Ground decaf Coffee
  • Type: Arabica
  • Caffeine content: 0 %
  • Roast: Medium Roasted
  • Roasting method: Traditional fine Turkish coffee grind obtained using stone grinding mill
  • Processing method : Sun-dried
  • Grind: Fine
  • Country / Region: Brazil / Rio Minas

Store in a cool and dry place

Made in Türkiye

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