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Savor this Dark Roast Turkish coffee by Selamlique and be enchanted by its powerful taste and richness. An unparalleled experience for coffee aficionados seeking excellence.

Dark Roast Turkish coffeedepth in flavour and body.

Discover the Dark Roast version of Turkish coffee, a blend that stands out with its intense roasting, offering a powerful taste that exceeds the notes of traditionally served Turkish coffee.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with this Dark Roast Turkish coffee, whose intensity in taste and body will transport you to new sensations.

Each cup of Selamlique's Dark Roast Turkish coffee is an experience that will be etched in the memory of true connoisseurs. Its taste lingers on the palate for an experience full of character.

Its deep notes, moderate acidity and round mouth feel are accompanied by subtle, slightly roasted spices. Its velvety texture enhances every sip.

This authentic Turkish coffee derives its unique taste from carefully roasted and finely ground Arabica coffee beans.

Each cup offers a creamy blend, capturing the timeless essence of this unforgettable Dark Roast Turkish Coffee.

Available in a metal tin box (125g).

Selamlique's Dark Roast Turkish coffee is prepared from 100% Arabica coffee beans. The traditional roasting in stone coffee mills bestows it with its authentic and sophisticated flavor.

  • Ingredients: Ground Turkish Coffee
  • Type: Arabica
  • Caffeine content: 1.2 %
  • Roast : Medium Roasted
  • Roasting method: Traditional fine Turkish coffee grind obtained using stone grinding mill.
  • Processing method: Sun-dried
  • Grind: Fine
  • Country / Region: Brazil / Rio Minas

Store in a cool and dry place

Made in Izmir, Tükiye

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