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Turkish Coffee Machine for Selamlique capsules - Latest generation - Turkish coffee at the touch of your finger

Capsule machine Selamlique by Arçelik makes Turkish coffee even more enjoyable. Discover a whole new world of Turkish coffee with Selamlique's uniquely practical capsules.

The traditional taste of turkish coffee in an original and practical way with the use of coffee capsule. Turkish coffee has never been so easy to make.

Guaranteed freshness with every cup.

Preserving and respecting all the essential qualities of an exquisite Turkish coffee - the rich, authentic taste - the characteristic foam – the signature coffee ground remains

  • Selamlique makes Turkish coffee more appealing and accessible than ever
  • For the first time Turkish coffee is available at the push of a button.
  • A revolutionary technology means you can now enjoy your fresh, authentic Turkish coffee simply by inserting your Selamlique capsule into your machine and letting it do all the work.
  • It's easy for anyone to use.
  • Pick the Selamlique capsule of your choice. No need to measure coffee or sugar as the capsule already has all you need to make your favourite cup .

Real metal materials used evoke a very special body color combined with a high level of perceived product quality. An extraordinary user experience is created by the use of magnets.

  • CookSense
  • SpinJet
  • AutoClean

Selamlique’s full range of Turkish coffees is now available in capsule format. 7 flavoured turkish coffee varieties : traditional, dark roast, mastic, decaf, cinnamon, cardamom and chocolate.

To successfully prepare your Turkish Coffee:

  • Lift the top lever of the machine and place your Selamlique capsule face down into the same shaped opening now exposed.
  • Close the lid of the machine, place your coffee cup on the grilled frontal platter. Then simply press the button and wait.
  • The machine will then cook your coffee replicating the traditional cooking method; and when done will fill your cup with a steamy hot and foamy Turkish coffee.
  • When the cup is full you can then simply enjoy your coffee or repeat the same procedure for another cup.
  • Simple and practical to use, you'll never know how you managed before…! The Machine…


Turkish Coffee Machine with Capsule System :

Product Color : Black
One Touch Control : Yes 
LED Warning System : Yes
Audible Warning System : Yes
Water Tank : Yes
Automatic Water Intake : Yes 
Low Water Level Warning : Yes 
Water Tank Capacity (L) 850 ml
Waste Water Tank : Yes
Cooking Water Amount Adjustment : Yes
Cook Sense Technology : Yes
Anti Spill Technology : Yes
Spinjet Technology : Yes
Auto Clean Mode : Yes
Power (W) : 670W

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