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The Aşiyan Gift Set is a delightful assortment that will awaken your senses and spark your imagination. Discover Selamlique Turkish Coffee in two enchanting varieties: Traditional and Rose, accompanied by chocolate-covered almonds and delicate Turkish delights.

Located on the European side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, the Aşiyan district is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Inspired by this iconic area, the Aşiyan Gift Set will transport you to a world of exquisite sensations, encouraging you to savour every moment with passion.

  • Indulge in the finely ground Selamlique coffee, where the rich and authentic flavours of Turkish coffee blend harmoniously. Delicately scented with rose, each cup of Selamlique Turkish Coffee will transport you to a blooming garden, awakening your palate to new floral, subtle and romantic sensations.
  • The rose chocolate-covered almonds invite you to an irresistible experience. Their melting sweetness is enhanced by a delicate rose infusion, creating the perfect combination of chocolate indulgence and floral elegance. Be surprised by the floral notes and the powdery pink colour that evoke passion and romance.
  • Selamlique's Rose Turkish delights complete this set with their smooth texture and delicate flavour. Each Turkish delight is a true gem of sweetness, containing gently crushed almonds and a subtle essence of rose. Let yourself be enchanted by their floral scent and captivating colour.

Treat yourself to an extraordinary taste experience. Every detail has been designed to awaken your senses and take you on a unique sensory journey.

The Aşiyan Gift Set contains :

  • 1 x Selamlique Traditional Turkish Coffee, metal tin 125g
  • 1 x Selamlique Rose Turkish Coffee in metal tin 125g
  • 1 x Box of Rose Chocolate Covered Almonds with Edible Gold Powder, 250g
  • 1 x Box of Selamlique Rose Turkish Delights, 250g

The whole set is presented in an elegant box with a transparent lid.

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