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The Topkapı Gift Set is filled with delights that will awaken your senses and imagination. Discover Selamlique Turkish Coffee in two varieties: Traditional and Rose, accompanied by chocolate-covered almonds and sesame-covered Turkish delicacies.

Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication with the Topkapı Gift Set. This set is full of flavours that will entice you at first glance.

  • Be enchanted by finely ground Turkish coffee, the finest in the world. Delicately scented with rose, each cup of Rose Turkish Coffee will transport you to a blooming garden, awakening your palate to new floral, subtle and romantic sensations.
  • The dark chocolate-covered almonds are a genuine treat. Their buttery flavour and crunchy texture is enhanced by the rich flavour of dark chocolate, creating a perfect union of indulgence and elegance. Their exquisite taste will instantly transport you to a world of delight.
  • Selamlique's Turkish delights covered in sesame seeds add a touch of uniqueness to this set. The sesame seeds bring a slightly nutty flavour and a subtle crunch that perfectly balances the sweet softness of the Turkish delights.

The Topkapı Gift Set refers to the iconic Topkapı Palace, a symbol of grandeur and history in Istanbul. Like this emblematic place, the Topkapı Gift Set transports you to a world of elegance and sophistication, where every detail has been thought through to provide an exceptional visual and taste experience.

Contents of the Topkapı Gift Set:

  • 1 x Selamlique Traditional Turkish Coffee, metal box 125g
  • 1 x Selamlique Rose Turkish Coffee, metal box 125g
  • 1 x Box of rose chocolate-covered almonds with edible gold powder, 250g
  • 1 x Selamlique Turkish Delights with sesame seeds, 325g

The entire set is presented in an elegant box with a transparent lid.

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