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The Kanlica Gift Set, a true invitation to sensory delight, includes Selamlique Traditional and Orange Turkish Coffee, Turkish citrus pralines and chocolate-covered almonds.

The Kanlica Gift Set is named after one of the iconic neighbourhoods on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. Known for its famous yoghurt, this residential area favoured by Istanbulites has preserved its authentic landscape of ornamental cypresses, shady umbrella pines and vast pastures on the heights. Immerse yourself in the history and unique flavours of this extraordinary region with the Kanlica Gift Set.

  • Selamlique Turkish Coffee, with its rich flavour, is a true treasure of tradition. In this set you will find two varieties: Traditional Turkish Coffee, with its deep and enchanting aroma, and Orange Turkish Coffee, which brings a subtle and refreshing citrus touch to every sip.
  • Selamlique's Citrus Pralines are a burst of flavour. The juicy and fragrant fruits combine with the creamy softness of pralines to create a uniquely delicious experience.
  • Chocolate-covered almonds sprinkled with edible gold powder add a touch of glamour to this set. Known for their finesse and delicate taste, the almonds originate from Turkey and Jordan, countries where they flourish with an incomparable flavour.

Give this Kanlica gift set to your loved ones for an unforgettable taste experience. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, this set is the perfect choice for connoisseurs of exceptional products.

The Kanlica Gift Set contains :

  • 1 x Selamlique Traditional Turkish Coffee, metal tin 125g
  • 1 x Selamlique Orange Turkish Coffee in tin box 125g
  • 1 x Chocolate covered almonds with edible gold powder, 250g box
  • 1 x Selamlique Citrus Pralines, 150g box

The whole set is presented in an elegant box with a transparent lid.

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