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Discover an enchanting range of Selamlique Turkish delights, a true celebration of the delights of the East.

Selamlique Turkish Delights will transport you to a world of rich and luxurious flavours. Carefully prepared, these Turkish sweets are filled with almonds and covered in exquisite chocolate for a delicious texture and creamy smoothness.

Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of flavours that make up this exclusive assortment.

  • With rose, orange blossom, mastic and pomegranate flavours, these Selamlique Turkish delights will awaken your senses with their exquisite aromas. Each variety is a true masterpiece of taste, skilfully combining the authentic flavours of the Orient for an unforgettable sensory experience.
  • White or dark chocolate adds a creamy sweetness and a delicious texture.
  • The almond, a true jewel among nuts, whose beauty has inspired poets and confectioners in the Middle East.
  • Edible gold dust: Selamlique Turkish delights are sprinkled with edible gold dust, to make these premium confections sparkle and give them an irresistible allure.

For a complete sensory experience, enjoy the Selamlique Turkish Delights assortiment with a cup of unsweetened Turkish coffee. The harmony between the fresh aromas of Turkish coffee and the fragrant sweetness of Selamlique Delights will create a symphony of flavours.

  • Luxury Almond Turkish Delight Assortment
  • Richly flavoured chocolate glaze
  • Sprinkled with edible gold dust
  • Packaging: 250g

Store at room temperature
Made in Türkiye

Ingredients :

Sugar, white chocolate (25.3%) [Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring], dark chocolate (9%) [cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring], almond, water, corn starch, cocoa butter, acidity regulator (citric acid), mastic (1,5%), rose flavouring , pomegranate flavouring, colorant.

May contain traces of similar nuts, soya product, milk product, gluten, egg, sesame, peanut.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 35% minimum.

Nutrition information (per 100g)

  • Energy (KJ/kcal) 1855,9 KJ / 444 kcal
  • Total fat (g) 15,2
  • Saturated fat (g) 7,6
  • Carbohydrate (g) 72,2
  • Sugar (g) 69,5
  • Dietary fibre (g) 1,6
  • Protein (g) 3,5
  • Salt (g) 0,08
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