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Traditional Turkish tea made from black tea leaves, an intense, powerful black tea.

Ceylon black Turkish tea, from the island of Sri Lanka, has distinctive flavors that distinguish it from other teas. It is considered one of the world's finest black teas. Renowned for its invigorating effect and vibrant character, Ceylon black tea offers a symphony of flavors. This medium to full-bodied tea captivates the palate with its bold, uplifting notes, often accompanied by a delicious hint of citrus.

Ceylon black Turkish tea is a tea that is very pleasant on the palate and can be enjoyed in many different ways. It is an excellent choice for lovers of traditional Turkish black tea who are looking for a full-bodied, rich taste.

  • Aromatic notes: Maltese, dried fruit, floral and spicy
  • Taste: medium to full-bodied and complex
  • Character: strength, power and intensity

Ceylon black tea is renowned as a good source of antioxidants, which play a protective role against chronic diseases.

The aroma of loose leaf tea is often more pronounced and varied. For when you brew loose tea, the leaves have more space to unfurl and release their essential oils, contributing to a richer aroma. This tea can also be prepared with a samowar. Or simply use a teapot with a built-in filter.

Packaging: 1 kg

Store away from heat and humidity.

Preparation method:

Traditionally, Turkish tea is prepared using two stacked teapots, called "çaydanlık", specially designed for the purpose. The larger teapot, at the bottom, is used to bring the water to the boil, while the smaller teapot, in which the loose tea leaves are infused in boiling water, is placed on top. This infusion process produces a traditional Turkish tea with a robust taste. At serving time, the strong tea concentrate is diluted with hot water according to personal preference: a strong infusion (in Turkish: "koyu", literally "dark") or a milder infusion (in Turkish: "açık", literally "light").

Turkish tea is traditionally enjoyed in small tulip-shaped glasses called "ince belli" (which can be translated as " fine waisted"). These glasses not only keep the tea hot, but also enhance its rich copper hue. Turkish tea is served very hot.

In the Turkish tea tradition, it is customary to accompany the Turkish tea with small sugar cubes.

The tea leaves used for Turkish tea are generally black tea leaves.
It is recommended to use around two teaspoons of tea leaves for one cup of tea.
Turkish tea is traditionally infused for 10 to 15 minutes.

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