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Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and enchantment with the Galata Gift Set. This set is full of delights that will awaken your senses and transport you to a land of exquisite flavours.

The Galata Gift Set is named after the historic district of Galata on the northern shore of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, famous for its iconic tower offering panoramic views of the Bosphorus. Like this vibrant neighbourhood, the gift set transports you to a city of taste discovery and unique sensory experiences.

  • Whether traditional or with cardamom, Selamlique Turkish Coffee offers a moment of retreat. The peppery and lemony notes of cardamom balance perfectly with the dense and smooth texture of Turkish coffee, creating a breathtaking harmony of flavours. Each cup of Turkish Coffee is an invitation to savour a moment of discovery and sharing.
  • Turkish delights are an integral part of the ritual of tasting a traditional Turkish coffee. In this gift set, the cinnamon-flavoured Turkish delights are generously garnished with pistachios. Each delight is an invitation to travel, where the sweetness of this Ottoman speciality blends harmoniously with the woody and sweet flavours of cinnamon.
  • Dark chocolate-covered almonds, sprinkled with edible gold glitter, are a real visual and taste sensation. Their crunchy texture is enhanced by the richness of the chocolate, while the gold glitter adds a touch of glamour. Let yourself be seduced by their exquisite taste, which will instantly transport you to a world of indulgence.

Indulge yourself or treat your loved ones to an extraordinary taste experience with the Galata Gift Set. Each product has been carefully selected to offer you an unforgettable culinary journey, where enchanting flavours and elegance meet.

The Galata Gift Set contains:

  • 1 x Selamlique Traditional Turkish Coffee, metal tin 125g
  • 1 x Selamlique Cardamom Turkish Coffee in metal tin 125g
  • 1 x Box of Rose Chocolate Covered Almonds with Edible Gold Powder, 250g
  • 1 x Selamlique Turkish Delights with pistachios and cinnamon coating, 325g

The whole set is presented in an elegant box with a transparent lid.

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