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The Alev Turkish Coffee Cups are the epitome of timeless elegance. Their shape is similar to that of small bowls, slightly flared at the top with a subtly raised body that creates the illusion of defying gravity.

Made of the finest porcelain, these cups and saucers have a translucent white color that exudes an aura of purity and sophistication. Each cup is a work of art in its own right, revealing the mastery and attention to detail of renowned Turkish ceramicist Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye.

Her expertise and passion for craftsmanship are reflected in each piece of the eponymous collection. Each cup is the fruit of a harmonious blend of Turkish tradition and contemporary design, with a timeless aesthetic. The Alev collection is specially created to celebrate Selamlique's tenth anniversary.

This set of 2 Turkish Coffee Cups is called Kısmet, a word of Arabic and Turkish origin. The Turkish term has its roots in the Persian qismat (قسمت) and the Arabic qisma (قسمة), which evoke the concept of destiny. The word Kısmet resonates with a mystical aura, evoking the invisible forces that shape our lives and guide our path. It embodies the idea that every event, encounter, and experience is predestined, an integral part of our individual journey.

In the ceremonial of Turkish Coffee, the word Kısmet holds great significance. Each cup of Turkish coffee is prepared with care, and the coffee grounds are used to predict the future. The patterns left by the Turkish coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup and saucer are interpreted as signs of the destiny of the person whose future is being foretold.

Each Kısmet Turkish Coffee Cup is an invitation to fully embrace the present moment, for the path we walk is unique and precious. Be enchanted by the power of Kısmet and discover the joys that life has to offer.

Dimensions :

  • Ø 7.5 cm
  • Height 6 cm
  • Foot 2.5 cm

Selamlique porcelain is hand decorated.

  • Taking care for your Selamlique porcelain: Turkish Coffee Cups and saucers should be hand-washed to preserve their beauty and delicacy.
  • Maintaining heat is essential for the ceremonial tasting of Turkish coffee, which is why Turkish coffee cups are small and made of denser porcelain.
  • With this set of Turkish Coffee Cups and Selamlique Turkish Coffees, you can create your own tasting ritual and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this centuries-old beverage.
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