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Chocolate covered almond Turkish delights sprinkled with gold dust.

Citrus Turkish Delights.

  • Among citrus fruits, the orange stands out as the most remarkable fruit on earth, with its juicy and fragrant pulp. The orange tree, native to Asia, has found its home in the Mediterranean basin, where the warm temperatures throughout the year allow it to thrive. From its delicate white flowers, a precious essence is extracted to make orange blossom water.
  • The almond holds a privileged place among nuts in the hearts of Middle Eastern confectioners. This valuable oilseed, often compared to the beauty of women's eyes and skin, has inspired poets who have sung its praises. While it can be found throughout the region, the most delicate and refined almonds come from Turkey and Jordan, lands of exquisite beauty where they bloom with incomparable flavor.
  • Edible gold dust adds a touch of glamour and brilliance to these premium confections.

Connoisseurs in search of exceptional products will be delighted by this taste experience that pushes the boundaries of sweet delight. Gift these citrus Turkish delights to your loved ones to make their eyes sparkle with wonder.

Pair these citrus Turkish Delights with a cup of mastic-flavored Turkish coffee, unsweetened, for a complete sensory experience. The intense aromas of the coffee will blend harmoniously with the intoxicating scents of the citrus Turkish delights, creating a symphony of flavors that will delight your taste buds.

Turkish Almond Delights

  • White Chocolate Glaze
  • Orange Scent
  • Sprinkled with Edible Gold Dust
  • 250 g

Made in Türkiye

Store at room temperature to preserve their exquisite texture.


Sugar, white chocolate [sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, soy lecithin, natural flavoring (vanilla), almond (10.2%),  water, corn startch, orange blossom flavoring (1%), cocoa butter, E555, curcumine.

Contains dairy products, soy products and almond. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, sesame, peanut.

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