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Haremlique was founded by partners Caroline N. Koç and N. Banu Yentür in 2007 as a boutique luxury linens brand. The home and bath linen collections and designs are a combination of timeless style and elegant simplicity that bring focus to the meticulous craftsmanship and the quality of the fabrics used. Dedicated to the areas of the home that are private to the family, Haremlique’s range of products includes a variety of bed linens, towels and bathrobes, sleepwear, scented candles, soaps and other accessories.



The ritual and culture surrounding Turkish coffee is something that has always been close to the hearts of the founders and also to the spirit of the company. And so, in 2009 a boutique blend of Turkish coffee with various aromas was developed with the purpose of offering to clients who came to the Haremlique store.  The interest that this Turkish coffee generated was so great that eventually it was decided to separate it from the core textile business.

And so Selamlique Istanbul was born.


The age-old tradition of Turkish coffee has been slowly dissipated as alternative coffees have invaded the market and its relevance overshadowed with each passing generation; whereas Turkish coffee is one of the few products that is fundamentally and exclusively linked to its nation of origin. This is why Selamlique Turkish Coffee was established with the principle objective of bringing international recognition to Turkish coffee, and aims to become the first global premium Turkish coffee brand.



Selamlique Turkish Coffee operates with focus on design and quality, aiming to bring back and preserve the authentic ritual of Turkish coffee drinking. Selamlique’s Turkish coffee comes in seven different natural aromas: Traditional, Dark Roast, Mastic, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cardamon and Decaffeinated. In developing its range of coffees, Selamlique was the first to offer Turkish coffee in single-serving sachets with ready prepared individual measures of coffee and sugar so that all that is needed is to add water and cook.


Selamlique also offers a series of complementing Turkish coffee accessories ranging from a silver coffee pot and tray to branded coffee cups. And as the ritual of drinking Turkish coffee would not be complete without it; Selamlique also offers a selection of sweet confectionary.



Selamlique now has mono-brand stores in Istanbul, Dubai (UAE), Nicosia (N.Cyprus) and Beirut (Lebanon) and corners within Haremlique’s stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum, Riyadh(Saudi Arabia) and Kuwait. Selamlique Istanbul products are also sold in selective department stores and its coffees served in high-end locals locally and abroad.



Selamlique Turkish coffee is produced in its own modern facility located in the city Izmir that operates with ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems. Our coffee is produced using only Arabica beans, which are the most ideal for the production of Turkish coffee. Compared to other coffee beans, the caffeine content of Arabica beans is low and does not create any discomfort when consumed, allowing you to easily indulge in more than one Turkish coffee a day. Selamlique Turkish coffees are produced using 100% natural ingredients with no additives.



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