How to prepare traditional Turkish Coffee

How to prepare Turkish coffee ? The following is a recipe of Turkish coffee and its traditional preparation. It only takes two minutes to prepare Turkish coffee. It is traditionally prepared in a 'cezve', which is a small long-handled pot.




Know more about Beko Keyf Turkish Coffee Machine 

If you make coffee for a large group of people, it is better to not sweeten the coffee too much. Avoid using tap water because the chlorine could affect the taste of coffee. The Beko Keyf machine allows you to prepare Turkish coffee, without having to worry about monitoring of the coffee's preparation process.

Pay attention to the fact that your machine is clean. Do not use any cleaning agent or soap. If you must use a cleaning agent, rinse afterwards thoroughly with fresh water, so that no trace of the cleaning material is left behind. Even a small residue will have an effect on the coffee's taste. Try to use unscented soap to clean your coffee cups, and to wash them thoroughly. If you use a coffee-maker for the preparation of your coffee, follow the cleaning recommendations presented in the user manual. Make your coffee when you want to drink it, using the amount of coffee you like.