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 For correct use of your Turkish coffee machine, remember to read the user manual which is included in the package. Here you will also find diagrams with operating tips.



 The Turkish coffee machines are guaranteed for two years by the manufacturer.The Beko Keyf and Mini Keyf machines comply with the EU standards. The lifetime of the Turkish coffee machines is seven years.



The warranty does not apply to breakdowns :

- Caused by poor usage of Turkish coffee machine
- Caused by the transport and delivery of the buyer
- Over-voltage, under voltage, or any error caused by a bad electrical installation
- Caused by lightning
- Caused by inappropriate use of Turkish coffee machine.



The warranty of the Turkish Coffee Machine can not be applicable when the repair was undertaken by a non-authorized person.The replacement with an identical Turkish coffee machine will be completed as soon as one of our engineers has verified the existence of an error



The replacement of the Turkish Coffee Machine is available during the first two years after purchase.The replacement will be completed in a period of less than 30 days after confirmation of our technicians. For the exchange, simply send us your defective machine back in their original packaging, accompanied by a copy of your invoice, and the warranty. You should get a new machine.