Turkish Coffee Tray | Sterling Silver 925 | Ebony Handles

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Sterling Silver 925/000 tray with raised edge and ebony handles for Turkish Coffee service.

This Sterling Silver 925/000 tray with a slightly raised edge is specially designed to serve Turkish Coffee with the utmost respect for its unique symbolic tradition.

Ebony is a precious wood known for its rich and deep color as well as its strength and durability. The ebony side handles add a touch of sophistication and dramatic contrast to this exceptionally beautiful object. Coral pearls.

With its rectangular shape, this tray is perfectly crafted to elegantly hold coffee cups or champagne glasses. Its timeless design and harmonious lines add a touch of sophistication and create an unforgettable visual experience.

Selamlique's Sterling Silver 925/000 decorative table accessories are renowned for their elegance and sophistication. Each piece is created with unparalleled attention to detail, offering a visually sophisticated and luxurious experience. The Sterling Silver 925/000 Tray embodies this excellence and enhances the Turkish coffee ritual with a touch of prestige.

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