What is the difference between the Turkish coffee makers and an espresso machine ?

A Turkish coffee machine is not an espresso machine: the taste of Turkish coffee and the technology of the machine itself are different from any espresso machine. The Turkish coffee is made of foam, coffee grounds and coffee. Its taste lingers in the mouth longer than any other types of coffee, thanks to its light and velvety foam.  It is thicker, softer and more aromatic than other coffees. This coffee is also called Armenian, Greek, Lebanese or Arabic coffee. The Turkish coffee's preparation method is different than the one used for an espresso.


How long does it take to prepare the coffee ? 

In contrast to other devices, these machine have no preheating. Once you press the button, it takes approximately 1.5 minutes to prepare two coffees. To make 4 cups of coffee, it takes a little more than two minutes.


Can you simultaneously prepare coffee with different amounts of sugar ?

Yes, the machine allows you to simultaneously prepare coffees with different amounts of sugar. (This is not included in the Selamlique or Keyf mini model). In general, we make a distinction between three different ways of preparing the Turkish coffee, depending on the amount of sugar used: Sade (Pure in Turkish), or sketos (in Greek); orta (medium in Turkish), or demetrios (in Greek); and sekerli (sweet with 2 sugar spoons, in Turkish) or glykos (in Greek).


Does the machine turn off automatically ?

Yes. If you do not use the machine it will turn off after one hour.


Is the machine easy to use ?

The design is very effortless. Just fill the tank with water, add the coffee and sugar into their vessel and choose one of the buttons: either one or two cups. You do not need to do anything else. They take care of everything, and prepare an authentic and traditional Turkish coffee for you.  The machine takes care of the cooking process, mixes the coffee and the sugar, and ensures you receive delicious foam with your drink. Once the coffee is ready to be served, the maker will let you know thanks to its sound and light signals.


Do these machines allow you to prepare other types of coffee ?

The Turkish coffee's preparation method is very different from conventional coffee. Use of instant coffee, other varieties of coffee or other liquids such as milk could damage your machine; only use Turkish coffee.


What guarantees does the Beko / Arcelik coffee machine have ?

To choose BEKO, means to choose an internationally known and trusted brand. BEKO is known for the quality of its equipment, it is the third group of household appliances in Europe. Beko sells its products in more than 120 countries, and it has 10 different brands, including three international brands: Beko, Grundig and Blomberg. BEKO invests over 100 million per year and deposits over 190 patents annually.  The company has ten factories, most of which are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 confirmed.  Beko also means 19.6 million items sold each year. Your machine is equipped with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers failures due to defects in material and workmanship. You must justify your warranty rights, thanks to the electronic invoice you will receive with the purchase of your machine.