Beko Keyf
2 Pots coffee machine


  Beko Mini Keyf
1 pot coffee machine




In recent years, several manufacturers have developed automatic coffee machines that can prepare Turkish coffee. We tried almost all of them. Through our experience, we recommend the one manufactured by Beko, the Keyf coffee machine. This Turkish coffee maker comes with a special vessel, a dispenser. In fact, there are two different models of the Keyf coffee machine: The first is equipped with two vessels, which allows you to prepare two cups of coffee with different sugar dosages. With this mini Keyf, you can cook up to 3 cups of coffee at the same time. If the machine is not intended for a big family or a company, the mini Keyf model should suffice.



              How do you prepare a great Turkish coffee with an automatic coffee maker ?



The next step is to add cold water to fill the water tank of the machine. Well... You have just completed the hardest part...he rest is a piece of cake, simply press the button on the machine ... When you press the button, a blue light comes on. If you prepare one cup of coffee, it will be ready to serve in 1 minute. The machine will beep and the blue light will turn off automatically. Take the pot and look at your delicious Turkish coffee and the creamy foam that awaits you.


   Now pour your Turkish coffee into a cup. But remember to wait a little bit (about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on your patience). The coffee will settle to the bottom of the cup, so that your coffee has a better taste. You will see that the result is superb. The foam quality and taste are delicious. In addition, this machine facilitates the preparation of Turkish coffee and saves you time while giving you an authentic and traditional Turkish coffee. You can order your Beko's Turkish coffee machine on our site it is very easy and payment is 100% secure.