A technical revolution: 8 patents pending

 The Turkish coffee machine from Beko was the winner of the, 2005 Hanover's CeBIT trade fair and the IF Design Award, which  is the world's largest ICT trade fair. This award is the most prestigious award of its kind in the world. In 2005, Keyf was honoured as the product with the best industrial design. Among the other candidates, there were brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, Samsung, Adidas and Canon. Innovative and ergonomic, the Turkish coffee machine has 8 different patents in its name. The development of three technologies is the result of many years of research.



 Thanks to the anti-spill technology, the Keyf's Turkish coffee machine automatically alerts the user when the coffee is finished. The Anti Spill technology avoids the overflow of the beverage, which has the advantage of leaving the user free during the cooking process. The user is not forced to wait in front of the machine to avoid beverage overflow.


   The Cook Sense technology allows the machine to determine, through infrared rays, the cooking time required for the amount of sugar and coffee in the brewing vessels, to prepare a perfect Turkish coffee


Moreover, thanks to the Spinjet technology, the container automatically goes on stand-by in order for the water to stop heating. With its 2 brewing vessels, the Keyf coffee machine can brew up to 4 coffees at the same time. The user can also prepare two different coffees simultaneously, depending on their preferences: from very sweet to black. The Cook Sense technology will calculate the cooking time required for each vessel independently, depending on the amount of coffee and sugar added. 

The Turkish coffee has met great success all across Europe. Thanks to its wide range of technologies, it prepares an authentic and traditional Turkish coffee, which is characterized by its delicate foam and its authentic flavour. Furthermore, it does not require manual control during the cooking process. It is ideal for professionals as well as coffee lovers. The award received during the 2005 IF Hanover's trade fair, reflects the high quality and technology used in the design of the Turkish coffee machine. This award has allowed Beko to strengthen its position in the high-tech market.